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The Future of Asian Finance

The Future of Asian Finance »

Series: Books

Author(s): Ratna Sahay , Cheng Lim , Chikahisa Sumi , James Walsh , and Jerald Schiff

Publisher: China Financial Publishing House (CFPH)

Publication Date: 04 October 2018

Language: Chinese


ISBN: 9787504991973

Keywords: bond, markets, investment, market, financial crisis

Asia's financial systems proved resilient to the shocks from the global financial crisis, and growth since then has been strong. But new challenges have emerged in the region's economies, including demographics and...

Modernizing China
			: Investing in Soft Infrastructure

Modernizing China : Investing in Soft Infrastructure »

Series: Books

Author(s): W. Raphael Lam , Markus Rodlauer , and Alfred Schipke


Publication Date: 20 April 2017

Language: Chinese


ISBN: 9781475583625

Keywords: China, China, People's Republic of, Economic reforms, reforms, economic success, growth model, policy frameworks, markets, market economy, soft infrastructure

China is at a critical juncture in its economic transformation as it tries to rebalance what is generally seen as an exhausted growth model. A unifying theme across the reforms that will deliver this transformation...