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Source: IMF Financial Operations 2014

Series: Books

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. Finance Dept.


Publication Date: 07 October 2014

ISBN: 9781484318928

Keywords: debt relief, balance of payments, central bank, general resources account, monetary fund, IFO

IMF Financial Operations 2014 provides a broad introduction to how the IMF fulfills its mission through its financial activities. It covers the financial structure and operations of the IMF and also pr...

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Source: Dollars, Debt, and Deficits : Sixty Years After Bretton Woods

Series: Seminar Volumes

Author(s): International Monetary Fund


Publication Date: 01 September 2005

ISBN: 9781589064539

Keywords: Deficit financing, Budget deficits, exchange rate, public debt, foreign assets, current account, foreign liabilities

This book examines the challenges facing the international monetary and financial system, as well as the future role of the Bretton Woods institutions in addressing those challenges. The volume is based on the proc...

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Source: World Economic Outlook, October 2015 : Adjusting to Lower Commodity Prices

Series: World Economic Outlook

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.


Publication Date: 06 October 2015

ISBN: 9781513520735

Keywords: World Economic Outlook, economies, exchange rate, commodity, trade, prices

This issue discusses a number of factors affecting global growth, as well as growth prospects across the world's main countries and regions. It assesses the ongoing recovery from the global financial crisis in adva...