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IMF Lending

IMF Lending »

Source: IMF Survey, Volume 35, Issue 09

Volume/Issue: 35/9

Series: IMF Survey

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.


Publication Date: 17 May 2006

ISBN: 9781451968132

Keywords: international monetary fund, debt, budget, Labor market, Budget Policy and Planning, Cost-benefit Analysis, Debtor and Creditor, Economic Development. Finance, Economic History, Financial Liberalization

Funding the IMF; Middle East and Central Asia economic outlook; Is globalization a choice?; Latin American reform; Trade conference; Aid effectiveness; Long-term interest rates in G7 countries; Wage flexibility; Jo...

Africa in the Doha Round

Africa in the Doha Round »

Source: Africa in the Doha Round : Dealing with Preference Erosion and Beyond

Volume/Issue: 2005/8

Series: IMF Policy Discussion Papers

Author(s): Yongzheng Yang


Publication Date: 01 November 2005

ISBN: 9781451975796

Keywords: Africa, Multilateral trade negotiations, World Trade Organization, Doha Round, preference erosion, special and differential treatment, market access, export markets, tariff cuts, trade barriers,

Improving market access in industrial countries and retaining preferences have been Africa's two key objectives in the Doha Round trade negotiations. This paper argues that African negotiators may have overlooked t...