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North-South RandD Spillovers

North-South RandD Spillovers »

Source: North-South RandD Spillovers

Volume/Issue: 1994/144

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Elhanan Helpman , David Coe , and Alexander Hoffmaister


Publication Date: 01 December 1994

ISBN: 9781451856385

Keywords: r &;amp; d, foreign r &;amp; d, industrial countries, total factor productivity

We examine the extent to which developing countries that do little, if any, research and development themselves benefit from R&D that is performed in the industrial countries. By trading with an industrial c...

Military Expenditures 1972-1990

Military Expenditures 1972-1990 »

Source: Military Expenditures 1972-1990 : The Reasons Behind the Post-1985 Fall in World Military Spending

Volume/Issue: 1993/18

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Daniel Hewitt


Publication Date: 01 March 1993

ISBN: 9781451843590

Keywords: military, military expenditures, expenditures, military spending, military expenditure

World military expenditures have fallen by over 20 percent in proportion to GDP from 1985 to 1990. This study examines the determinants of military expenditures in 125 countries during 1972-90 to ascertain what fac...

Inequality and Unsustainable Growth

Inequality and Unsustainable Growth »

Source: Inequality and Unsustainable Growth : Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Volume/Issue: 2011/8

Series: Staff Discussion Notes

Author(s): Jonathan Ostry , and Andrew Berg


Publication Date: 08 April 2011

ISBN: 9781463926564

Keywords: Cross country analysis, Developed countries, Economic growth, Emerging markets, Income distribution, Poverty reduction, sustainable growth, per capita income, external debt, external shocks

This note raises the IMF’s profile on a number of issues related to inequality, unemployment, governance, etc. It builds on earlier empirical work that examined correlations between growth downbreaks/duratio...