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Financing Infrastructure in India

Financing Infrastructure in India »

Source: Financing Infrastructure in India : Macroeconomic Lessons and Emerging Market Case Studies

Volume/Issue: 2011/181

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): James Walsh , Jiangyan Yu , and Chanho Park


Publication Date: 01 August 2011

ISBN: 9781462310296

Keywords: infrastructure financing, growth, capital market, bonds, investors, bond, bond market, stock market,

Driving infrastructure development, notably mobilizing financial resources for infrastructure projects, has been challenging in many countries. This study includes two parts: an empirical analysis of macroeconomic...

Asian Financial Integration

Asian Financial Integration »

Source: Asian Financial Integration : Trends and Interruptions

Volume/Issue: 2011/4

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Eduardo Borensztein , and Prakash Loungani


Publication Date: 01 January 2011

ISBN: 9781455211821

Keywords: equity premium, gravity model, home bias, risk-sharing, herding, investors, bond, foreign investors, bonds, international investors

The paper compares trends in financial integration within Asia with those in industrialized countries and other regional groups. Declines in cross-country dispersion in equity returns and interest rates suggest inc...

Statistical Appendix

Statistical Appendix »

Source: Global Financial Stability Report, April 2005 : Market Developments and Issues

Series: Global Financial Stability Report

Author(s): International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department


Publication Date: 05 April 2005

ISBN: 9781589064188

Keywords: pension, bond, bonds, investors, hedge

This statistical appendix presents data on financial developments in key financial centers and emerging markets. It is designed to complement the analysis in the text by providing additional data that descri...