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External Publications by IMF Staff, 2005

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
September 2005
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Journal Articles

Amiti, Mary

Location of Vertically Linked Industries: Agglomeration versus Comparative Advantage

European Economic Review

Amiti, Mary; Pissarides, Christopher

Trade and Industrial Location with Heterogeneous Labour

Journal of International Economics

Amiti, Mary; Wei, Shang-Jin

Fear of Outsourcing: Is it Justified?

Economic Policy

Arora, Vivek; Vamvakidis, Athanasios

The Implications of South African Economic Growth for the Rest of Africa

South African Journal of Economics

Arora, Vivek; Vamvakidis, Athanasios

South Africa as an Engine of Growth in Africa

Trade and Industry Monitor

Brooks, Robin; Del Negro, Marco

Country versus Region Effects in International Stock Returns

Journal of Portfolio Management

Brooks, Robin; Del Negro, Marco

Firm-Level Evidence on International Stock Market Comovement

Review of Finance

Catao, Luis A.; Terrones, Marco E.

Fiscal Deficits and Inflation

Journal of Monetary Economics

Dabla-Norris, Era; Feltenstein, Andrew

An Analysis of the Underground Economy and Its Macroeconomic Consequences

Journal of Policy Reform

De Nicolo, Gianni; Boyd, John

The Theory of Bank Risk-Taking and Competition Revisited

Journal of Finance

Debrun, Xavier; Castellani, Francesca

Designing Macroeconomic Frameworks: A Positive Analysis of Monetary and Fiscal Delegation

International Finance

Debrun, Xavier; Masson, Paul; Pattillo, Catherine

Monetary Union in West Africa: Who Might Gain, Who Might Lose, and Why?

Canadian Journal of Economics

Dell’Ariccia, Giovanni; Cottarelli, Carlo; Vladkova-Hollar, Ivanna

Early Birds, Late Risers, and Sleeping Beauties: Bank Credit Growth to the Private Sector in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Balkans

Journal of Banking and Finance

di Giovanni, Julian

What Drives Capital Flows? The Case of Cross-Border M&A Activity and Financial Deepening

Journal of International Economics

Feltenstein, Andrew; Iwata, Shigeru

Decentralization and Macroeconomic Performance in China: Regional Autonomy Has Its Costs

Journal of Development Economics

Feltenstein, Andrew; Sarangi, Sudipta

Macroeconomic Stabilization and Growth: The Case of Uganda

African Development Review

Gelos, Gaston R.; Broner, Fernando; Reinhart, Carmen

When in Peril, Retrench: Testing the Portfolio Channel of Contagion

Journal of International Economics

González-Hermosillo, Brenda; Dungey, Mardi; Fry, Renée; Martin, Vance L.

Empirical Modelling of Contagion: A Review of Methodologies

Quantitative Finance

Gupta, Sanjeev; Clements, Benedict; Balducci, Emanuele; Tiongson, Erwin

What Sustains Fiscal Adjustment in Emerging Market Countries?

International Journal of Finance and Economics

Gupta, Sanjeev; Clements, Benedict; Mulas-Granados, Carlos

Fiscal Policy, Expenditure Composition, and Growth in Low-Income Countries

Journal of International Money and Finance

Hacker, Scott; Hussain Quaizar

Trading Blocs and Market Performance under Duopolistic Competition

Journal of Economic Integration

Hauner, David

Explaining Efficiency Differences Among Large German and Austrian Banks

Applied Economics

Kandil, Magda

On the Effects of Government Spending Shocks in Developing Countries

Oxford Development Studies

Kandil, Magda

Money, Interest, and Prices: Some International Evidence

International Review of Economics and Finance

Kandil, Magda; Aghdas Mirzaie, Ida

The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Output and Prices: Evidence from Developing Countries

Journal of Developing Areas

Keen, Michael; Ligthart, Jenny

Coordinating Tariff Reduction and Domestic Reform Under Imperfect Competition

Review of International Economics

Keen, Michael; Prasad, Eswar

Changes in the Structure of Earnings During the Polish Transition

Journal of Development Economics

Kose, Ayhan; Prasad, Eswar; Terrones, Marco

How Do Trade and Financial Integration Affect the Relationship Between Growth and Volatility?

Journal of International Economics

Kose, Ayhan; Rebucci, Alessandro

How Might CAFTA Change Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Central America?

Journal of Asian Economics

Kose, Ayhan; Yi, Kei-Mu

Can the Standard International Business Cycle Model Explain the Relation between Trade and Comovement?

Journal of International Economics

Ley, Eduardo

Whose Inflation? A Characterization of the CPI Plutocratic-Democratic Gap

Oxford Economic Papers

Prasad, Eswar; Rumbaugh, Thomas; Wang, Qing

Putting the Cart Before the Horse? Capital Account Liberalization and Exchange Rate Flexibility in China

China and the World Economy

Silver, Mick; Heravi, Saeed

Purchasing Power Parity Measurement and Bias from Inappropriate Item Selection and Quality Comparisons: Principles and an Empirical Study

Journal of Official Statistics

Silver, Mick; Heravi, Saeed

A Failure in the Measurement of Inflation: Results from a Hedonic and Matched Experiment Using Scanner Data

Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Strand, Jon; Walker, Ian

Water Markets and Demand in Central American Cities

Environment and Development Economics

Other External Publications

Books, Chapters in Books, and Conference Volumes

González-Hermosillo, Brenda; Dungey, Mardi; Fry, Renee; Martin, Vance L.

A Comparison of Alternative Tests of Contagion with Applications

Identifying International Financial Contagion: Progress and Challenges, ed. by Mardi Dungey and Demosthenes N. Tambakis (New York: Oxford University Press)

Silver, Mick; Heravi, Saeed

Hedonic Indexes: A Study of Alternative Methods

Hard-to-Measure Goods and Services: Essays in Honor of Zvi Griliches, ed. by Ernst R. Berndt and Charles M. Hulton (Chicago: University of Chicago Press)

Zettelmeyer, Jeromin; Jeanne, Olivier

Original Sin, Balance Sheet Crises and the Roles of International Lending

Debt Denomination and Financial Instability in Emerging Market Economies, ed. by Barry Eichengreen and Ricardo Hausman (Chicago: University of Chicago Press)

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