Information about Asia and the Pacific Asia y el Pacífico
Journal Issue

Recent External Publications by IMF Staff

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
September 2008
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Information about Asia and the Pacific Asia y el Pacífico
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Journal Articles

Alina, Luca; Petrova, Iva

“What Drives Credit Dollarization in Transition Economies?”

Journal of Banking & Finance

Apergis, Nicholas; Lyroudi, Katerina; Vamvakidis, Athanasios

“The Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Transition Countries”

Transition Studies Review

Bonato, Leo

“Money and Inflation in the Islamic Republic of Iran”

Review of Middle East Economics and Finance

Bulíř, Aleš; Hurnik, Jaromir

“Why Has Inflation in the European Union Stopped Converging?”

Journal of Policy Modeling

Bulíř, Aleš; Šmídkova, Kateřiná

“Inflation Targeting and Communication”

Czech National Bank Economic Research Bulletin

Celasun, Oya; Walliser, Jan

“Predictability of Aid: Do Fickle Donors Undermine Aid Effectiveness?”

Economic Policy

Chami, Ralph; Sharma, Sunil; Shim, Ilhyock

“A Model of the IMF as a Coinsurance Arrangement”


Dabla-Norris, Era; Inchauste, Gabriela

“What Causes Firms to Hide Output? The Determinants of Informality”

Journal of Development Economics

Debrun, Xavier; Moulin, Laurent; Turrini, Alessandro; Ayuso-i-Casals, Joaquim; Kumar, Manmohan

“Tied to the Mast? National Fiscal Rules in the European Union”

Economic Policy

de Carvalho Filho, Irineu

“Old-Age Benefits and Retirement Decisions of Rural Elderly in Brazil”

Journal of Development Economics

Estevao, Marcello

“The 35-Hour Workweek in France: Straightjacket or Welfare Improvement”

Economic Policy

Ganelli, Giovanni

“Public Spending Management and Macroeconomic Interdependence”

Open Economies Review

Gershenson, Dmitry; Amelina, Maria

“Seductions of an Underdevelopment Trap: Systemic Impediments to Agricultural Reform in Russia”

Economic Policy (Moscow)

Ghironi, Fabio; Iscan, Talan; Rebucci, Alessandro

“Net Foreign Asset Positions and Consumption Dynamics in the International Economy”

Journal of International Money and Finance

Kaltani, Linda; Elbadawi, Ibrahim; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus

“Foreign Aid, the Real Exchange Rate, and Economic Growth in the Aftermath of Civil Wars”

World Bank Economic Review

Kandil, Magda

“Comparative Analysis of Exchange Rate Depreciation and Aggregate Economic Activity: Theory and Evidence from Middle Eastern Countries”

Bulletin of Economic Research

Kandil, Magda

“Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Macro-Economy: Channels of Interaction in Developing and Developed Countries”

Eastern Economic Journal

Kandil, Magda

“The Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Output and Price: Evidence from Developing Countries”

Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

Kandil, Magda

“The Impact of Capital Requirements on Banks’ Performance: The Case of Egypt”

Journal of Economics and Business

Moore, David; Vamvakidis, Athanasios

“Economic Growth in Croatia: Potential and Constraints”

Financial Theory and Practice

Rebucci, Alessandro

“Is Growth Exogenous? Evidence from the 1970s and the 1980s”

Applied Economics

Ricci, Luca

“A Model of an Optimum Currency Area”


Rossi, Marco

“Pricing IMF Liquidity Provision: The Value of IMF Liquidity Commitment”

Emerging Markets Review

Solé, Juan

“Prospects and Challenges for Developing Corporate Sukuk and Bond Markets: Lessons from a Kuwait Case Study”

International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management

Worrell, DeLisle; Craigwell, Roland; Mitchell, Travis

“The Behaviour of a Small Foreign Exchange Market with a Long-term Peg—Barbados”

Applied Financial Economics

Worrell, DeLisle; Craigwell, Roland

“The Competitiveness of Selected Caribbean Tourism Markets”

Social and Economic Studies

Other External Publications (Books, Conference Volumes, etc.)

Chan-Lau, Jorge A.

“Anticipating Credit Events Using Credit Default Swaps”

Credit Risk: Models, Derivatives, and Management—A Volume in Quantitative Finance (Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC)

Chan-Lau, Jorge A.; Yinqiu

“Systematic and Idiosyncratic Risk in CDO Tranches”

The Credit Derivatives Handbook (New York: McGraw Hill)

Chan-Lau, Jorge A.; Santos, Andrâe

“The Asset-Liability Management Compound Option Model: A Public Debt Management Tool”

Handbook of Value-at-Risk (New York: Bloomberg Press)

González-Hermosillo, Brenda; Li, Jenny

“A Banking Firm Model: The Role of Market, Liquidity and Credit Risks”

Computational Methods in Financial Engineering (Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag)

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