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IMF Working Papers

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
October 2009
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IMF Working Papers

No. 09/78

Assessing Exchange Rate Competitiveness in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Pineda, Emilio; Cashin, Paul; Sun, Yan

No. 09/79

Exposure to Real Estate Losses: Evidence from the US Banks

Igan, Deniz; Pinheiro, Marcelo

No. 09/80

The Crisis: Basic Mechanisms and Appropriate Policies

Blanchard, Olivier J.

No. 09/81

Exchange Rate Assessment for Oil Exporters

Enders, Klaus-Stefan

No. 09/82

Determinants of Inflation in GCC

Kandil, Magda E.; Morsy, Hanan

No. 09/83

Hold Your Nose and Vote: Why Do Some Democracies Tolerate Corruption?

Pani, Marco

No. 09/84

Accrual Budgeting and Fiscal Policy

Robinson, Marc

No. 09/85

Adding Latin America to the Global Projection Model

Canales Kriljenko, Jorge Iván; Freedman, Charles; Garcia-Saltos, Roberto; Johnson, M.; Laxton, Douglas

No. 09/86

Why Inflation Targeting?

Freedman, Charles; Laxton, Douglas

No. 09/87

IT Framework Design Parameters

Freedman, Charles; Laxton, Douglas

No. 09/88

Chile's Structural Fiscal Surplus Rule: A Model-Based Evaluation

Kumhof, Michael; Laxton, Douglas

No. 09/89

Global Imbalances and Petrodollars

Arezki, Rabah; Hasanov, Fuad

No. 09/90

Inflation Hedging for Long-Term Investors

Attie, Alexander P. ; Roache, Shaun K.

No. 09/91

Remittances: An Automatic Output Stabilizer?

Chami, Ralph; Hakura, Dalia; Montiel, Peter

No. 09/92

The Size of Government and U.S.-European Differences in Economic Performance

Bell, Gerwin; Tawara, Norikazu

No. 09/93

Global Relative Poverty

Nielsen, Lynge

No. 09/94

Inflation Targeting Under Imperfect Policy Credibility

Alichi, Ali; Freedman, Charles; Johnson, M.; Kamenik, Ondra; Kisinbay, Turgut; Laxton, Douglas; Clinton, Kevin; Chen, Huigang

No. 09/95

Ponzi Schemes in the Caribbean

Carvajal, Ana; Monroe , Hunter K.; Pattillo, Catherine A.; Wynter, Brian

No. 09/96

The Challenge of Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Developing Countries

Allen, Richard

No. 09/97

Why Are Japanese Wages So Sluggish?

Sommer, Martin

No. 09/98

Understanding Inflation Inertia in Angola

Klein, Nir; Kyei, Alexander

No. 09/99

The Impact of the Regional Cross-Listing of Stocks on Firm Value in Sub-Saharan Africa

Adelegan, Olatundun Janet

No. 09/100

Financial Stress, Downturns, and Recoveries

Cardarelli, Roberto; Elekdag, Selim; Lall, Subir

No. 09/101

What Should Inflation Targeting Countries Do When Oil Prices Rise and Drop Fast?

Batini, Nicoletta; Tereanu, Eugen

No. 09/102

Advanced public financial management reforms in South East Europe

Tandberg, E.; Pavesic-Skerlep, Mia

No. 09/103

The Persistence of Capital Account Crises

Mecagni, Mauro; Atoyan, Ruben; Hofman, David

No. 09/104

Financial Spillovers to Emerging Markets during the Global Financial Crisis

Frank, Nathaniel; Hesse, Heiko

No. 09/105

Financial Intermediation, Competition, and Risk: A General Equilibrium Exposition

De Nicoló, Gianni; Lucchetta, Marcella

No. 09/106

Fiscal Stimulus with Spending Reversals

Corsetti, Giancarlo; Meier, André; Müller, Gernot

No. 09/107

Madagascar: A Competitiveness and Exchange Rate Assessment

Eyraud, Luc

No. 09/108

From Bear Stearns to Anglo Irish: How Eurozone Sovereign Spreads Related to Financial Sector Vulnerability

Mody, Ashoka

No. 09/109

Estimating Default Frequencies and Macrofinancial Linkages in the Mexican Banking Sector

Blavy, Rodolphe; Souto, Marcos

No. 09/110

Credit Risk Spreads in Local and Foreign Currencies

Galai, Dan; Wiener, Zvi

No. 09/111

Spillovers to Emerging Equity Markets: An Econometric Assessment

Psalida, L. Effie; Sun, Tao

No. 09/112

An Alternative Explanation for the Resource Curse: The Income Effect Channel

Alichi, Ali; Arezki, Rabah

No. 09/113

Financial Deepening in the CFA Franc Zone: The Role of Institutions

Singh, Raju; Kpodar, Kangni; Ghura, Dhaneshwar

No. 09/114

Sub-Saharan Africa's Integration in the Global Financial Markets

Deléchat, Corinne; Ramirez, Gustavo; Wagh, Smita; Wakeman-Linn, John

No. 09/115

The Macroeconomics of Scaling Up Aid: The Gleneagles Initiative for Benin

Mongardini, Joannes; Samaké, Issouf

No. 09/116

Out of the Box Thoughts about the International Financial Architecture

Eichengreen, Barry J.

No. 09/117

Macroeconomic Responses to Terms-of-Trade Shocks: A Framework for Policy Analysis for the Argentine Economy

Berkmen, Pelin

No. 09/118

Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation

Minoiu, Camelia; Reddy, Sanjay

No. 09/119

A Multi-industry Model of Growth with Financing Constraints

Ilyina, Anna; Samaniego, Roberto M.

No. 09/120

The Federal Reserve System Balance Sheet-What Happened and Why it Matters

Stella, Peter

No. 09/121

Competitiveness in Central-Europe: What Has Happened Since EU Accession?

Allard, Céline

No. 09/122

Where Does the Public Sector End and the Private Sector Begin?

Lienert, Ian

No. 09/123

Modeling with Macro-Financial Linkages: Credit and Policy Shocks in Emerging Markets

Benes, Jaromir; Ötker, Inci; Vávra, David

No. 09/124

Fiscal Incentive Effects of the German Equalization System

Stehn, Sven Jari; Fedelino, Annalisa

No. 09/125

Decoupling from the East Toward the West? Analyses of Spillovers to the Baltic Countries

Obiora, Kingsley I.

No. 09/126

Fiscal Policy Rules for Oil-Producing Countries: A Welfare-Based Assessment

Maliszewski, Wojciech

No. 09/127

Current Accounts in a Currency Union

Decressin, Jörg; Stavrev, Emil

No. 09/128

External Debt Sustainability in HIPC Completion Point Countries: An Update

Yang, Jie; Nyberg, Dan

No. 09/129

The Systemic Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and Rated Markets

Sy, Amadou N. R.

No. 09/130

Canadian Residential Mortgage Markets: Boring But Effective?

Kiff, John

No. 09/131

Broad Money Demand and Asset Substitution in China

Wu, Ge

No. 09/132

Forecasting Inflation in Sudan

Moriyama, Kenji; Naseer, Abdul

No. 09/133

The Transmission of Financial Stress from Advanced to Emerging Economies

Balakrishnan, Ravi; Danninger, Stephan; Elekdag, Selim; Tytell, Irina

No. 09/134

Balance of Payments Anti-Crises

Kumhof, Michael; Yan, Isabel K.

No. 09/135

Governance Practices at Financial Regulatory and Supervisory Agencies

Seelig, Steven A.; Novoa, Alicia

No. 09/136

Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Tax Incentives

Klemm, Alexander; Van Parys, Stefan

No. 09/137

Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Limited Asset Market Participation

Stehn, Sven Jari

No. 09/138

International Risk Sharing: Through Equity Diversification or Exchange Rate Hedging?

Engel, Charles; Matsumoto, Akito

No. 09/139

Regional Financial Integration in the Caribbean: Evidence from Financial and Macroeconomic Data

Espinoza, Raphael; Kwon, Goohoon

No. 09/140

The Effects of Economic News on Commodity Prices: Is Gold Just Another Commodity?

Roache, Shaun K.; Rossi, Marco

No. 09/141

Banking Crises and Crisis Dating: Theory and Evidence

Boyd, John H.; De Nicoló, Gianni; Loukoianova, Elena

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