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Published Date:
June 2014
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Caribbean Renewal

Tackling Fiscal and Debt Challenges

edited by Charles Amo-Yartey and Therese Turner-Jones

“This fascinating and timely book documents in detail a variety of options for tackling fiscal and debt challenges in the Caribbean. It is a model of how both international and domestic case studies can combine with economic theory to deepen our understanding of the challenges of debt reduction. A must read for all policymakers in the Caribbean and other developing countries.”

—Dr. Winston Moore

Department of Economics, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

Managing Economic Volatility in Latin America

edited by Gaston Gelos and Alejandro Werner

How has Latin America coped with external shocks and economic vulnerabilities in the aftermath of the global financial crises? Managing Economic Volatility in Latin America looks at how the region has fared in recent years in an environment of uncertainty. It presents a collection of novel contributions on capital flows, terms of trade, and macroeconomic policy in Latin America.

The Eastern Caribbean Economic and Currency Union Macroeconomics and Financial Systems

edited by Alfred Schipke, Aliona Cebotari, and Nita Thacker

“This book sets out to present a comprehensive survey and review of the major macroeconomic issues of relevance to the ECCU and it accomplishes this with great success! The level and scope of the analysis will make it attractive to policymakers and regional academics. Particular chapters can be used to augment standard readings for courses on macroeconomics and Caribbean economic development.”

—Dr. Lester Henry

Lecturer in Economics, University of the West Indies,

St. Augustin, Trinidad and Tobago

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