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Back Matter

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
August 1997
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The Economic Issues Series

1. Growth in East Asia: What We Can and What We Cannot Infer. Michael Sarel. 1996.

2. Does the Exchange Rate Regime Matter for Inflation and Growth? Atish R. Ghosh, Anne-Marie Gulde, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Holger Wolf. 1996.

3. Confronting Budget Deficits. 1996.

4. Fiscal Reforms That Work. C. John McDermott and Robert F. Wescott. 1996.

5. Transformations to Open Market Operations: Developing Economies and Emerging Markets. Stephen H. Axilrod. 1996.

6. Why Worry About Corruption? Paolo Mauro. 1997.

7. Sterilizing Capital Inflows. Jang-Yung Lee. 1997.

8. Why Is China Growing So Fast? Zuliu Hu and Mohsin S. Khan. 1997.

9. Protecting Bank Deposits. Gillian Garcia. 1997.

Before joining the IMF’s Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department, Gillian Garcia spent nine years working for the U.S. Congress as an Assistant Director at the General Accounting Office and with the staff of the Senate Banking Committee. Until recently, she was a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Finance at Georgetown University.

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