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International Monetary Fund
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August 1996
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Coordinated Investment Portfolio Survey: results of 1997 survey

  • [Washington, DC]: International Monetary Fund. [1999]
    • p. cm.
  • Prepared by the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
  • ISBN 9781557756060

1. Securities. 2. Investments. I. International Monetary Fund. II. Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics.

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This publication presents the results of the 1997 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS)—a major statistical initiative conducted, under the aegis of the International Monetary Fund, by 29 countries. The survey was used to collect information on portfolio investment assets. The reference date for the data was end-December 1997. The data were disaggregated by type of instrument (equity and debt securities), and full geographical detail for each instrument was provided by the issuing country. The CPIS represented, for the majority of the participating countries, the first time that data were collected in accordance with standardized definitions and methodologies that enhanced data quality and comparability.

This publication comprises four main sections. Section I consists of an introduction. Section II contains general tables that show how the 29 participating countries allocated their portfolio investment assets among major partner countries. Section III consists of country tables containing all CPIS data collected at the national level and geographical details on additional portfolio investments made by some entities not originally covered in the survey. Section IV contains descriptions of the essential features of CPIS implementation in each participating country. In addition, there is a bibliography at the end of the publication.

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