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Front Matter

Joshua Greene, and Peter Isard
Published Date:
March 1991
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© 1991 International Monetary Fund

Reprinted March 1995

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Greene, Joshua E.

  • Currency convertibility and the transformation of centrally planned economies / by Joshua E. Greene and Peter Isard.
  • p. cm. — (Occasional Papers, ISSN 0251-6365 ; 81)
  • “June 1991”
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • ISBN 1-55775-214-1 : $10.00
  • 1. Currency convertibility. 2. Central planning. I. Isard Peter.

II. Title. III. Series: Occasional paper (International Monetary Fund) ; no. 81.

HG3851.G694 1991

332.4—dc20 91-21740


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This study was prepared in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund. Its authors are Peter Isard, Advisor, and Joshua E. Greene, Senior Economist in the Developing Country Studies Division.

The study benefited greatly from suggestions from Fund colleagues who are too numerous to all be identified, but special mention should be made of Bijan Aghevli, Gerard Belanger, Hans Flickenschild, Pierre Francotte, Graham Hacche, Mohsin Khan, Timothy Lane, and Donald Mathieson. The authors are also grateful to Rosalind Oliver for excellent secretarial assistance. The paper was edited by Margaret Casey and Elisa Diehl of the External Relations Department. The authors alone are responsible for this study; the opinions expressed are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Fund.

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